7 Best Org Chart Software Tools of 2023 [Ranked & Reviewed]

In today’s business environment, making sure that organizations are structured efficiently is essential for success. One critical tool to ensure teams stay organized and productive is a functional organizational chart, which gives the necessary overview at all times.

By utilizing software for organizational charts, businesses can swiftly create org charts and maps perfectly suited to their needs.

In this blog post, I’m going to cover the 7 best org chart software tools available in 2023 – ranked and reviewed – so you can be confident in choosing the right solution for your business.

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What Are The Best Org Chart Software Tools?

Here are my TOP 7 picks for the best org chart software on the market today:

  1. Lucidchart
  2. monday.com
  3. Creately
  4. ClickUp
  5. Freshteam
  6. Pingboard
  7. Gliffy

1. Lucidchart

Hero image from Lucidchart's website


Lucidchart streamlines the process of creating org charts by providing a user-friendly platform for teams to collaborate in real-time from any device.

With advanced data linking and auto-visualization features, generating a detailed org chart with important metrics has never been easier.

The seamless integration of Lucidchart with popular apps like Google Workspace and Slack ensures that starting new diagrams is both quick and effortless.

Finally, you can rely on Lucidchart as your trusted document repository to enhance account security and centralized management.

Top Features

  • Cloud-based platform with an intuitive interface, enabling simple diagramming tasks on any device, browser, or operating system
  • Real-time co-authoring, in-editor chat, shape-specific comments, and collaborative cursor for easy teamwork
  • Enhance diagrams with data linking or auto-generate org charts and entity relationship diagrams
  • Add diagrams to ongoing conversations in e.g. Google Workspace, Atlassian, Microsoft Office, Asana, and Slack
  • Securely store documents with Lucidchart’s centralized account management and retention


Image of subscription plans from Lucidchart's website

Lucidchart offers both free and paid plans:

  • Free ($0) – Access to a selection of essential capabilities, such as three customizable documents and up to 60 shapes per document paired with 100 professionally-crafted templates
  • Individual (from $7,95) – Everything in Free plan + unlimited editable documents, unlimited objects per document, 1GB storage, and much more
  • Team (from $9 per user) – Everything in Individual plan + commenting, revision history with versioning, password-protected publishing, and much more
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Everything in Team plan + Lucidspark for virtual whiteboarding collaboration, team folders, customizable document status, and much more

All paid plans come with an initial 7-day free trial.

Bottom Line

Lucidchart is the best organizational chart software designed for businesses and individuals looking for an easy way to create org charts, flowcharts, and other diagrams.

The intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to build professionally-designed org charts and share them with colleagues.

With the free 7-day trial including access to all premium features, there’s no better time to try out this outstanding org chart software than now!

The trial period will give you full control over evaluating Lucidchart and seeing if it fits your needs for creating org charts.

2. monday.com

Hero image from monday.com's website


monday.com’s Work OS offers a no-code approach to shaping your workflows, allowing you to run every aspect of your work with ease.

With their drag-and-drop tool, creating organizational charts is made effortless so you can quickly visualize team structure and figure out who reports to whom in your organization right away.

The Work OS is highly customizable with building blocks such as apps and integrations, enabling you to tailor it to your specific business needs.

Top Features

  • Centralize project planning, communication, and team structure with monday.com’s drag-and-drop org chart tool for seamless cross-team communication
  • Stick to your favorite org chart tool such as Gliffy or draw.io without ever having to leave monday.com – exploit 3rd party integrations based on Monday’s comprehensive app marketplace
  • Visualize your data in different formats, for example via maps, calendars, timelines, kanban, and more
  • Get dedicated and fast 24/7 support no matter where you are, or look for answers in Monday’s extensive Help Center


Image of subscription plans from monday.com's website

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of an enterprise organization, monday.com offers five distinct pricing plans tailor-made to fit your unique requirements:

  • Individual ($0) – Free forever and includes up to 3 boards, unlimited docs, 200+ templates, and much more
  • Basic ($10 per seat/month) – Includes Individual plan + unlimited free viewers, unlimited items, 5 GB file storage, and much more
  • Standard ($12 per seat/month) – Includes Basic plan + timeline and Gantt views, calendar view, guest access, and much more
  • Pro ($20 per seat/month) – Includes Standard plan + private boards and docs, chart view, time tracking, and much more
  • Enterprise (contact them) – Includes Pro plan + enterprise-scale automation and integrations, enterprise-grade security and governance, advanced reporting and analytics, and much more

Keep in mind that there is a minimum of 3 seats per paid plan. However, you can purchase up to 200+ if needed.

Bottom Line

With its intuitive drag-and-drop tool for creating organizational charts, defining your company’s team structure has never been easier with monday.com.

The platform’s Work OS allows you to centralize project planning, communication, and team structure in one convenient location. Its flexibility makes it easy to build and adjust your org chart according to your unique needs. And with the ability to easily share your org chart within the platform, everyone can stay on the same page.

For fast-growing companies seeking a flexible platform to streamline their team organization and communication, monday.com is the perfect solution.

3. Creately

Hero image from Creately's website


Creately is an exceptional all-in-one planning and knowledge management solution that links teams from different departments within your company.

This organizational chart software efficiently enables you to make, explore, and arrange employee structures plus processes with visually attractive org charts.

Creately’s flexible data fields provide extensive control of both staff members and procedures, while real-time collaboration & secure sharing allow teams to remain on the same page – for example when your digital marketing team needs to brainstorm new ideas for content in an online meeting.

Top Features

  • Optimize org structures and processes with various frameworks, templates, and intuitive design tools
  • Streamline your HR efforts with a centralized canvas for visualizing workflows, establishing SOPs and best practices, and aligning OKRs with KPIs
  • Efficiently collaborate with stakeholders using a shared workspace and enhanced communication features
  • Customize teams, link workspaces, visualize data, organize views, and integrate platforms for increased productivity


Image of subscription plans from Creately's website

Creately offers a variety of plans, both free and paid:

  • Free ($0) – Includes 3 canvases, 1 folder, limited storage, basic integrations, and raster image-only exports
  • Starter ($8 per user/month) – Includes unlimited canvases, unlimited items per canvas, 20 active folders, 5 GB storage, and much more
  • Business ($149/month) – Includes Starter plan + unlimited databases, 5000 items per database, project management tools, and much more
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Includes Business plan + unlimited items per database, unlimited 2-way data sync from integrations, all integrations, and much more

Bottom Line

Creately is an excellent org chart software solution suitable for business professionals and teams across many types of companies who want to optimize their organizational structure and processes.

For example, HR departments can utilize this comprehensive org chart software to manage planning and data fields with ease. It features a central canvas for HR workflows, along with intuitive design tools that make it simple to craft aesthetically pleasing organizational charts.

For those looking for an affordable option, the Starter plan at only $8 per user per month provides great value for small- and medium-sized businesses. However, larger corporations with greater requirements are most likely better off with Business or Enterprise plans.

4. ClickUp

Hero image from ClickUp's website


ClickUp is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that offers a range of features to suit businesses of all sizes and industries.

One of its many capabilities is a comprehensive HR management platform that simplifies the process of creating organizational charts, hiring, onboarding, and employee development.

With ClickUp’s user-friendly interface, building and managing your ideal team has never been easier. The organizational chart feature allows for an easy-to-understand visual representation of your company’s hierarchy, streamlining employee management, progress tracking, and task assignment.

Furthermore, the platform’s HR management tools streamline recruitment, talent development, onboarding, and employee management so you can focus on growing your business.

Top Features

  • Make org chart creation fun with ClickUp Whiteboards, including freehand drawing, shape connections, media embedding, and real-time editing
  • ClickUp Mind Maps offers infinite space and automatic updates for org charts, tasks, checklists, and subtasks
  • Rich template library for various use cases, including the organizational chart template, which can be easily added to your workspace
  • Extensive Help Center and free 24/7 support from ClickUp’s highly experienced support team


Image of subscription plans from ClickUp's website

Besides their monthly plans, ClickUp offers a 30-day full refund policy for unsatisfied customers, ensuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Free Forever ($0) – Includes 100 MB storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited free plan members, two-factor-authentication, and much more
  • Unlimited ($5 per member/month) – Includes everything in Free Forever plan + unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, unlimited dashboards, guests with permissions, and much more
  • Business ($19 per member/month) – Includes everything in Unlimited plan + Google SSO, unlimited teams, custom exporting, advanced public sharing, and much more
  • Business Plus ($29 per member/month) – Includes everything in Business plan + team sharing, subtasks in multiple lists, custom role creation, custom permissions, and much more
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Includes everything in Business Plus plan + white labeling, advanced permissions, enterprise API, unlimited custom roles, and much more

Bottom Line

ClickUp is the ultimate all-in-one cloud-based project management and collaboration tool for HR professionals and teams.

As a comprehensive HR management platform, ClickUp simplifies organizational charts, hiring, onboarding, and employee development.

With user-friendly features like progress tracking and task assignment, managing your team has never been easier. ClickUp also offers top features like Whiteboards, Mind Maps, and a rich template library.

If you’re not up for the free version and want to explore more of its advanced features, you can always go with one of the paid plans and get a better insight into its capabilities as an org chart maker – you can always get a full refund within 30 days from purchase.

5. Freshteam

Hero image from Freshteam's website


Introducing Freshteam – the all-in-one HR software designed to seamlessly help growing businesses attract, hire, onboard, and manage employees.

With dynamic org chart features, Freshteam simplifies employee management and progress tracking by enabling you to create a complete view of your company structure.

You can easily visualize your organization’s structure, check employee positions and reporting hierarchy, and instantly access the key contact information of anyone in the company. Plus, maintaining your employee database is a breeze with easy additions, updates, or removals of employee data while ensuring complete data security with fine-grained access control.

Freshteam also allows for a wide array of 3rd party integrations, enabling you to further streamline your HR processes and optimize your team collaboration efforts.

Top Features

  • Easily visualize and manage your organization structure with instant access to employee information and automatic updates
  • Effortlessly manage and secure your employee database with easy data input, access control, and bulk updates
  • Source, interview, and nurture candidates all in one place – Save time hiring at scale with Freshteam’s applicant tracking system
  • Streamline employee collaboration with Slack integration for HR notifications and time-off requests


Image of subscription plans from Freshteam's website

Besides its Free plan, Freshteam offers a 21-day free trial with all features unlocked. All paid plans are based on a per-employee pricing structure.

  • Free (€0) – Free Forever for up to 50 employees, includes 3 active job postings, customizable hiring workflow, candidate pipeline visualization, and much more
  • Growth (€1.20 per employee/month) – Includes unlimited canvases, unlimited items per canvas, 20 active folders, 5 GB storage, and much more
  • Pro (€2.40 per employee/month) – Includes Starter plan + unlimited databases, 5000 items per database, project management tools, and much more
  • Enterprise (€4.80 per employee/month) – Includes Business plan + unlimited items per database, unlimited 2-way data sync from integrations, all integrations, and much more

Note that Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans are subject to an additional monthly platform fee, ie. +€71, +€119, and +€203, respectively.

Bottom Line

For growing businesses that need to attract, hire, onboard, and manage employees with ease, Freshteam is the ideal all-in-one HR software solution.

With dynamic org chart features, companies can easily visualize and manage their organizational structure, track employee progress, and access employee information.

Although some pricing plans may lack transparency, most paid plans offer valuable key features such as bulk updates, fine-grained access control, Slack integration, project management tools, and much more.

Additionally, with a wide array of third-party integrations available, Freshteam streamlines HR processes and optimizes team collaboration efforts for maximum efficiency.

6. Pingboard


Pingboard is a robust organizational chart software that automatically synchronizes with your human resources management system software to create real-time org charts, eliminating the need for manual updates.

The org chart created provides a beautiful and comprehensive depiction of your company’s hierarchy, making it easy to visualize your organization for your leaders, team, and board.

Moreover, Pingboard simplifies sharing your organization chart securely with anyone and even planning for the future with private org charts to visually explore hiring plans and ensure everyone is in the right roles.

Top Features

  • Visualize your company’s structure and employee relationships with Pingboard’s org chart software – easily view who reports to whom and explore individual employee profiles
  • Integrate with your HR or IT software and keep employee data automatically updated in Pingboard
  • Increase internal applications and make it easy for your team to see open roles, job descriptions, and instructions to apply
  • Easily share your org chart with trusted individuals, embed it in your intranet, or print it out
  • Use Pingboard’s org charts to plan for the future with collaborative private charts and live postings of open roles


Image of subscription plans from Pingboard's website

Pingboard offers a 14-day free trial on the following paid plans:

  • Basic (€186.25/month) – Up to 20 users, includes all the basic features you need to get started driving connection and improve the employee experience
  • Essential (€373.75/month) – Up to 50 users, includes the possibility to add integrations
  • Pro (€498.75/month) – Up to 50 users, includes extra manager-relevant features

Note that additional users can be added to each plan based on an additional fee.

Bottom Line

Pingboard is an excellent organizational chart software for larger HR departments and teams that already have human resources management system software in place.

Its real-time org charts eliminate the need for manual updates, providing a comprehensive depiction of your company’s hierarchy.

With features like automated data synchronization and private org charts, Pingboard streamlines HR processes and increases team collaboration.

However, due to its higher pricing plans, it may not be the best option for small- to medium-sized businesses.

7. Gliffy

Hero image from Gliffy's website


Gliffy is a great business diagramming software solution that enables you to simplify workflows, boost collaboration, and design winning strategies.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, real-time online collaboration, and exporting capabilities, it enables you to document, evaluate and refine existing processes, execute projects efficiently, break down information silos, and increase teamwork.

Gliffy’s org chart feature facilitates easy visualization of your team’s structure, roles, and responsibilities making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes seeking growth.

Top Features

  • Intuitive diagramming, including flowcharts and org charts, with collaboration features for individuals or teams of any size
  • Choose between several different org chart templates, all the way from basic to more advanced ones
  • Prioritize accessible documentation, including diagrams, to increase collaboration and break down information silos in the workplace
  • Integrate Gliffy with other software tools and apps, including Slack, Trello, Jira, Confluence, and monday.com for easy sharing


Image of subscription plans from Gliffy's website

Gliffy offers a 14-day free trial for you to check out its key features. Offered paid plans are divided into two different packages:

  • Professional ($8 per user/month or $6 per user/month, billed annually) – Suitable for single users or mid-sized teams and includes unlimited diagrams, access to templates, import from other applications, 24/7 email support, and much more
  • Enterprise (contact sales) – Suitable for any team size and includes everything in Professional plan + easy admin controls, centralized security, team management, automatic diagram migration, and much more

Bottom Line

Gliffy is one of the better solutions in the org chart software market and is suitable for business professionals as well as teams of various sizes.

With its intuitive diagramming interface, different org chart templates, valuable collaboration features, and many integrations to other software tools and apps, Gliffy enables easy visualization of your team’s structure, roles, and responsibilities—facilitating efficient workflow optimization and much more.

No matter what package you choose, Gliffy’s paid plans are flexible and you can always go with the free 14-day trial to see if this org chart software fits your needs.

What Is Org Chart Software?

Org chart software provides companies of different sizes with a powerful way to visualize internal structures and is an essential business resource, ensuring they remain organized, agile, and proactive. This allows them to be adaptable in today’s ever-changing business environment.

By using org chart software, companies can quickly and easily identify where changes need to be made, who is responsible for various tasks, which reporting structures are in place, and how different teams interact with each other. Additionally, org chart software offers detailed data visualization capabilities so that companies can track their performance over time and recognize trends in employee behavior.

Organizational structure shown in wood bricks

Especially when companies are undergoing rapid expansion or significant changes in structure, org chart software can be instrumental in helping them map out their new structures quickly and communicate them clearly to staff members.

There are many different types of org chart software available, each with its unique features and capabilities. Some of the most common features of org chart software include the ability to:

  • Add and edit employee profiles, including their names, job titles, contact information, and other relevant details
  • Create different types of charts, including hierarchical charts, matrix charts, and flat charts, among others
  • Customize chart design, including colors, fonts, and layout
  • Share charts, either by exporting them in various file formats or by sharing them online
  • Collaborate in real-time, allowing multiple users to work on the same chart simultaneously

Essentially, org chart software serves as a valuable asset for businesses and organizations seeking to generate coherent and efficient visual depictions of their internal frameworks. It fosters improved communication, and heightened collaboration, and encourages transparency and accountability within the organization.

Wrap Up

If you’re seeking an org chart software tool that can simplify the creation and management of your organization’s structure, you’ve come to the right place.

The abundance of options available in the market can make it challenging to determine which one suits your business needs. In this post, we’ve evaluated and ranked the 7 best org chart software tools of 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

It’s important to note that selecting org chart software depends on the extent of your requirements and the number of individuals who need access. For instance, if you’re a small business owner or team leader, a pricier tool with advanced features may not be necessary. Conversely, if you’re part of a larger organization with intricate reporting structures, a more sophisticated solution could be essential.

Fortunately, several org chart software tools offer free versions or trials lasting 7-14 days or longer, enabling you to gain firsthand experience of key features and benefits. These trials are particularly useful if you’re uncertain about which software to select since they allow you to test out the product before committing to a purchase.