57 Content Ideas To Supercharge Your Editorial Calendar (2023)

Are you a content creator, digital marketer, blogger, or podcaster striving to make your editorial calendar stand out in 2023?

Look no further! I’ve compiled 57 content ideas that’ll help you create content for many months to come. Covering areas such as email marketing, video marketing, blog marketing, podcast marketing, and many more, there’s a plethora of content types to choose from.

With these content ideas, you can easily come up with creative ways to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. You’ll be able to craft content that stands out from the crowd and helps build relationships with potential customers.

Buckle up for my comprehensive list that’ll help take your editorial calendar to the next level this year!

What Are the Best Content Ideas?

This is a question that many business professionals dealing with content creation ask themselves when trying to find the best words and/or visuals to engage their audience even more.

The key to finding great content ideas is to understand your audience, including their needs and interests, and what they are looking for in terms of information and entertainment. Once you have the necessary insights, you’ll be able can produce and publish content that will resonate with them and ultimately drive engagement with your brand.

Email Marketing

Woman thinking about content ideas in fron tof laptop

Email marketing is probably one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach potential and existing customers.

But are you struggling to come up with riveting content for your email marketing campaigns? Here’s an inspirational list of attention-grabbing ideas that will make your emails stand out from the rest and keep readers engaged.

1. Product Launch Newsletters

Product launch newsletters are great news to share with an existing audience. Not only do they provide essential information about a product, but also great incentives for customers to engage and make purchases. Product launch newsletters have proven advantageous for businesses, as they often drive higher customer response and improved brand engagement.

2. Product Highlight Newsletters

Product highlights make up excellent content or newsletters because they allow readers to find interesting information they may not find elsewhere.

They keep readers informed and show thought leadership, making them an engaging way to capture the attention of those who receive your newsletter.

3. Product Tips & Tricks Newsletters

Product tips and tricks provide readers with how-to content that is both informative and entertaining. Incorporating product tips and tricks into your content strategy yields a tremendous value, as it can help generate customer loyalty and trust in both your brand and products. Furthermore, engaging how-to articles allow readers to discover creative ways they can use their products – increasing the breadth of their user experience.

4. Email Surveys or Polls

Email surveys or polls are incredibly useful for gathering feedback from your customers. By taking a few minutes to answer questions, customers can for example provide valuable insights into how your content is performing and what kinds of topics engross them the most. You can get started with email surveys easily by using ready-to-go templates, e.g. the ones provided by Liveagent. For poll questions, have a look at these examples from Question Pro.

The data collected through email surveys or polls can help shape and strengthen your future content strategy.

5. Event Invitation or Reminder Emails

Content marketing can be taken to a whole new level with the use of event invitations and reminder emails for your newsletter.

With these emails, you can reach out directly to your audience about any upcoming and important event you are hosting in an efficient and timely manner. Plus, it is also a great way to shine the light on interesting people that could potentially be involved in the next big thing!

6. Birthday or Anniversary Emails with Special Offers or Discounts

Sending birthday or anniversary emails with special offers and discounts to your audience is a great way to show appreciation while providing exceptional value. It’s an impactful, cost-effective way to make your customers feel important and give them tangible rewards for their loyalty.

Not only will it make them eagerly anticipate email promotional offers coming in, but it helps build relationships over time that strengthen customer loyalty.

7. VIP Emails Offering Exclusive Deals or Perks

As an eCommerce business, one of the most effective ways to reward loyal customers and capture new ones is to offer VIP emails as part of a promotional campaign. These emails provide exclusive deals or perks which can be collected simply by visiting your website and/or dedicated landing pages. This generates great value for customers in terms of discounts and desired products while providing a boost to customer loyalty and sales.

Video Marketing

Video producer holding his DSLR camera, which is attached to a gymbal

Video marketing has become a go-to content source for digital marketers, content creators, and bloggers alike. Not only is it engaging and entertaining, but also extremely effective in helping businesses reach their target audience.

Video content has the unique ability to capture attention with its visual appeal, allowing viewers to connect and engage with brands on a deeper level.

8. Video Product Demonstrations

Video product demonstrations make up excellent visual content for your website, social media, and preferred video platforms because they offer a dynamic and tailored visual experience. They are engaging and memorable, quickly allowing consumers to get familiar with a product’s features, benefits, or uses in a short amount of time.

9. Video Customer Testimonials

Video customer testimonials can be incredibly powerful for your company; demonstrating the value of your product or service, building credibility, and helping to gain more customers.

Not only do they aid you in keeping up with the competition by boosting engagement on your website, but these tools are also a great way to thank existing customers for their continued support.

10. Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are a fantastic way to captivate an audience while demonstrating how certain tasks or task-based processes can be achieved.

Instructional videos can be used to teach anything from how to use a product, build something, or even provide better customer service training. They are powerful tools for developing skills and imparting knowledge on any variety of topics.

Creating content like this is both challenging and rewarding – your audience will be happier with the guidance you’ve provided.

11. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the ideal way to demonstrate how to use a product or service, as well as answer any questions that people have. With visual elements and voice-overs, they concisely explain topics in an easy-to-understand manner.

Startups in particular find this type of video effective for introducing their company and what it stands for – making them an excellent tool to spark interest and fascination with your brand!

12. Animated Video Tutorials

Animated video tutorials are an effective and fun way to learn how to do something: they use simple visuals and dialogues, making the information much easier to absorb. From how-tos like knot tying or how to change a tire, to complex abstract concepts such as quantum mechanics or economic theory, there’s an animated tutorial out there that can provide a useful explanation in a way that traditional methods like textbooks simply cannot.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that animated video tutorials make up for exceptional content!

13. Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes videos provide quality content to engage and build a connection with your existing audience.

Integrating these videos into your content calendar offers an insight into the daily life of what you do and provides your viewers with exclusive access to different happenings at your business. They help connect to people like never before and give you a better understanding of how they perceive you and your work.

14. Employee Spotlight Videos

Employee spotlight videos are an excellent way to cultivate company culture, engage with potential hires, and actively promote your company.

They provide creative, engaging content that can be shared easily across for example LinkedIn to both attract new talent and show off your culture organically. This one content idea can help boost your engagement rates!

For more inspiration, head over to EditMate’s website and read their very useful guide for making employee spotlight videos, which also includes some examples.

15. Video Live-Streaming Events

Another great content idea is video live-streaming events in which you engage with your audience directly and build relationships – plus it’s an effective way to promote your product or services. You can increase your reach even further by doing it on social media, for example through Facebook Live.

16. Interview Videos

Interview videos provide quality content that can be used to engage with a wider audience and boost thought leadership. These interviews allow viewers to gain insight into topics they may have questions about, and help answer those questions more thoroughly.

This type of content also allows you to display multiple perspectives which broaden the audience’s understanding of any given topic.

17. Recurring Q&A Video Series

A recurring Q&A video series is an excellent way to answer common customer questions, build consumer trust in a brand, and promote a website.

Q&A videos make for engaging content that encourages viewers to stay longer on the page and promotes sharing among their networks. They help personalize answers specific to each user, increase customers’ comfort levels, and provide an opportunity to answer questions that might otherwise get buried in online forums or FAQ pages.

18. Documentary-style Videos

Documentary-style videos provide a highly engaging form of content that search engines favor, thus maximizing the chances of gaining online visibility. They can be deployed on various video platforms to reach out to wider audiences as they capture and hold viewers’ attention with their unique approach to storytelling.

This style of content marketing is also ideal for educating, teaching, and inspiring viewers, making it a great way to get your message across.

Blog Marketing

Woman writing on laptop

Blog Marketing is by far one of the most popular ways to use written content to promote your business and attract visitors to your website. Coming up with creative content ideas is essential to drive an effective blog, which not only generates traffic from search engines but also provides much value to your readers. Whether it be a tutorial, guide, story, or product review – you have plenty of options here when it comes to making your next blog post.

19. Tutorials and How-to Guides

Tutorials and how-to guides are excellent blog content for anyone looking to inform, entertain, or engage their blog audience.

Tutorials walk readers step by step through topics on which blog posts can give only an overview. How-to guides may provide advice on not just what steps to take, but also why those steps are necessary and beneficial. They offer blog visitors a more in-depth understanding of a particular topic that they likely won’t find elsewhere online.

When you create content like this, remember to factor in search engine optimization to attract as much organic traffic as you can; search intent is often based on how-to content.

20. Beginner’s Guides

Content ideas are the foundation of content marketing strategies that help to create engaging content for your blog. When content ideas are crafted in the form of a beginner’s guide, it allows content creators and marketers to provide content that is educational and fulfills readers’ needs.

A comprehensive beginner guide can add valuable information to any blog and make up terrific content with a lasting impact on readers.

21. Inspirational Stories

Publishing a blog post with an inspirational story can engage your readers on another level than when publishing other types of content. It allows you to portray stories while also conveying personal experiences and messages, creating a connection with readers that is much more personal and engaging. Furthermore, blog posts serve as an effective way of providing value-added content within the world of online writing.

22. Customer Interviews

Crafting a blog post that engages readers can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to consider customer interviews as a content source – they provide firsthand insight into the people your business impacts and opportunities for the content authenticity.

Through customer interviews, blog posts can tell compelling stories and share inspiring opinions from stakeholders who your blog touches. Investing in customer interviews helps to ensure blog posts truly convey the value of your company.

23. Product or Service Reviews

Creating long-form content such as product and service reviews can be an effective way to provide value to your readers and rank even higher on search engines.

Providing a detailed review of a product or service in a blog post helps the reader to make an informed decision. Not only do they get useful information presented in a blog post, but they can also get an idea of what their experience might be like if they purchase the item.

24. Conference or Event Reviews

Generate compelling and original content for your blog by writing reviews on conferences or events that your business attends. By including details of the event, you can evaluate its benefits and pitfalls, which can potentially help you identify whether the experience achieved the desired outcome for your company or suggest areas of improvement.

25. Comparisons

Crafting blog posts that feature comparisons can be a valuable way to showcase your products. Comparing the features of yours versus another product provides blog readers with insight into how well each performs, as well as how they measure up against each other. These blog posts also deliver an informative experience and can persuade blog readers to use your product based on its advantages.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast microphone on mic stand

Podcasts make up one of the most popular content formats nowadays, offering a unique way to engage with customers and increase brand visibility. From interviews to educational pieces, podcasts can provide valuable information while also entertaining listeners.

Generating content for podcasting may seem daunting, but I’ve curated a selection of the best ideas to help you produce engaging and captivating audio experiences that will have your audience begging for more.

26. Podcast Guest Interviews

Podcast guest interviews provide valuable content marketing opportunities by featuring for example industry influencers and their expertise. By having guests on your podcast, you can provide a platform for people to share their knowledge and opinions with your audience.

27. Podcast Product Reviews

When you seek to create quality content for your podcast, one idea is to go with what products you have to offer.

Podcast product reviews offer you the chance to showcase the advantages of your products and share with your listeners the feedback from hands-on experts who have tried them. Here, you could even go with user-generated content by for example letting one of your customers do the product review in one of the podcast episodes.

28. Podcast Contest & Giveaways

Contests and giveaways offer an opportunity to engage your podcast audience and develop relationships with them. These strategies allow you to spread the word about your podcast while also creating excitement among your followers.

By offering engaging content such as contests and giveaways, you can make users feel appreciated, earn more followers, and increase listener engagement overall. This is a proven effective way for podcasts to be successful in the competitive industry.

29. Podcast Top 10 List

Top 10 lists make up an easily digestible, engaging form of content for listeners of your podcast. They allow you to cover a diverse range of topics but maintain structure and familiarity within each episode. This ensures that your audience is entertained while also giving them a better understanding of the main topic. Additionally, it encourages healthy viewer participation and interaction with your show.

30. Podcast Industry News

News from the industry can be used to build thought leadership and thought-provoking conversations on your podcast.

By diving into the analysis of key industry players, you can engage your audience by discussing upcoming trends and developments in the field, as well as exploring ideas from thought leaders in the space. This provides an opportunity to have guests who may have expertise on a specific topic or provide commentary that shows you are up to date with what is going on in the industry.

31. Podcast Membership Program

By creating a podcast membership program with exclusive content and incentives for listeners, you can not only build an engaged community but also generate steady revenue from your loyal fans. This strategy is proven to enhance listener engagement and give back to the people who love your show!

32. Podcast Book Recommendations

Podcast book recommendations provide an opportunity to engage listeners and can feature industry experts offering thoughtful perspectives and insights on the books they’ve read. User-generated content is a magical thing; it not only entertains listeners but also stimulates further discussion based on the book that was recommended.

33. Podcast FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) make up fantastic content for a podcast, as answering these common questions is an excellent way to get your message across while providing guests with valuable information. FAQs can come from your website, customer support service operations, or even survey responses – ensuring an interesting variety of topics to keep listeners intrigued.

Mobile Marketing

Woman walking down stairs with mobile phone in her hand

34. SMS or App Push Notifications 

SMS and App Push notifications are great for mobile marketing because they offer a direct, engagement-oriented way to reach customers on their devices.

They enable businesses to send timely and relevant messages at the right time, ensuring maximum engagement with your target audience. Moreover, push notifications guarantee high open rates and provide important insights into user behavior.

35. Location-based Mobile Marketing

Location-based mobile marketing allows content marketers to create targeted, personalized campaigns based on the consumer’s physical location. This can range from online or offline messaging promoting a nearby store, events taking place in their area, and much more.

By utilizing carefully selected criteria such as proximity to a certain venue and analyzing this data, content marketing teams can effectively reach customers with tailored messages that are relevant to them at any given moment.

36. Mobile Wallet Marketing

Mobile wallet marketing allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition through cutting-edge technology. When you produce content centered around it, you will arm yourself with the information necessary to effectively and affordably engage customers. Crafting mobile wallet strategies could bring lucrative benefits for your business in the future.

37. Mobile Loyalty Programs

Mobile loyalty programs open up a world of possibilities for businesses to create meaningful content marketing strategies.

Consumers love the convenience and immediacy of rewards offered through their phones – making these programs one of the most effective ways to create powerful incentives and an easy-to-use framework for creating content that truly connects with customers.

38. QR Code Campaigns

QR codes provide a unique and simple way of providing engaging content to mobile users. They enable marketers to integrate links and digital media quickly and allow easy access for consumers.

By utilizing QR codes, businesses can create exclusive offers and discount vouchers for their customers. These code campaigns are an excellent form of mobile marketing as they construct credibility from customers while giving them a straightforward incentive to redeem.

39. Mobile-exclusive Coupons or Deals

Mobile-exclusive coupons and deals are a great form of content for mobile marketing as they make customers feel valued by offering discounts that are not available on other platforms. Furthermore, encouraging users to download an app or visit a website through the use of exclusive deals helps businesses build a loyal customer base while increasing the chances of making sales.

Event Marketing

Women asking questions to an expo representative

40. Online Webinars

Online webinars provide quality content through interesting visuals, expert presentations, and technical demos. By hosting webinars, content marketers can build authority and credibility, while also educating potential customers on their products and services. Before the online webinar, it’s also important to optimize it for search engines to attract as many attendees as possible.

Don’t know where to get started with your next online webinar? Dont worry, Airmeet has a few ideas to get you going.

42. Speaker Bios & Session Descriptions

Incorporating speaker bios and session descriptions into your event marketing can benefit both the host and guests.

They help attendees to learn more about who is speaking, which provides a better understanding of what topics will be discussed, allowing them to choose sessions that match their areas of interest. On the other hand, it gives speakers credibility and raises the profile of your event. It’s a win-win situation!

43. Event Schedules & Agendas

Event schedules and agendas are essential tools for event marketers, as they allow potential attendees to plan their visit, explore what’s available and ensure their time is used efficiently.

They also have the power to encourage people to attend in the first place by showcasing an exciting range of activities and providing logistical information like set times, locations, and dress codes.

With detailed event schedules and agendas included in your event marketing materials, you can boost attendance while creating a positive sense of anticipation and excitement.

44. Event App or Mobile Guides

Event apps and mobile guides make it easier for attendees to find information, create social media buzz, and engage with the event speakers. They offer unprecedented opportunities to increase online visibility before and after an event, while also keeping visitors informed and engaged during the actual event.

45. Virtual Tours of The Event Venue

Visual content is increasingly being used in event promotions, and virtual tours of the venue are an effective way to engage potential attendees. Virtual tours could for example be accessed via dedicated landing pages. Not only do they give prospective customers a sense of the event as a whole, but they allow customers to visualize how it would feel to be part of the experience.

By taking viewers through hallways, stages, bars, meeting rooms, and more, virtual tours help build excitement and interest in events.

Social Media Marketing

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Creating content for social media is an integral part of any successful content marketing strategy. Superb content helps build brand awareness, engage customers, and drive conversions. Social media managers need to create compelling and relevant posts that resonate with their target audience to effectively reach their goals.

46. “Day In The Life” Posts

Posts that chronicle a “day in the life” create compelling content for social media users.

They offer an entertaining glimpse into both ordinary and extraordinary moments, providing a unique insight into the everyday life of a wide variety of people. Such posts create authenticity and connection, resonating with audiences by giving them a chance to relate to the content on a personal level.

47. “Challenge” Posts To Encourage Engagement

Challenge posts make for an excellent content idea when you want to generate engagement from your social media audience. It’s a great way to get the conversation going on your posts as they allow people to showcase their own content and provide helpful tips or resources related to the challenge topic.

Whether it’s a photo challenge or trivia-based, these types of content ideas are surefire ways to give your followers something interesting and engaging to talk about!

48. “Humor” or “Fun” Posts

Social media content that is fun or humorous can bring a joyful delight to followers that brighten their day. It’s a great way for brands to connect with their respective audiences by providing a fun way to engage and learn about the company. Therefore, crafting fun and creative posts will aid in developing stronger connections with your followers.

49. “Contest” or “Giveaway” Posts

Contest and Giveaway posts are a great way for businesses to reward current loyal customers, reach out to potential new customers, and give a small boost to their brand recognition.

They can help boost engagement, increase visibility across social media platforms, and spread the word about your business more quickly than traditional content marketing strategies. Contest & Giveaway posts often result in increased sales conversions as well.

50. “Why” Posts To Explain Values of a Product or Service

From customer testimonials to brand stories, using “Why” posts can be an incredibly effective way to showcase the values of a product or service on social media.

The ability to contextualize these values helps to connect with customers on a personal and emotional level, creating an engaging and memorable experience that highlights why they should choose your business.

51. “Industry Thought Leadership” Posts

Creating industry thought leadership posts is an effective way to make your social media presence stand out. By curating content from trending topics and thought leaders in the industry, you can provide unique perspectives and valuable insights that followers will appreciate.

Sharing curated content consistently adds value to followers and helps create an engaging platform for like-minded individuals to collaborate.

Referral Marketing

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Referral marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses grow by capitalizing on existing customer relationships. It leverages the influence of your customers to boost awareness about your brand and drive more sales. By providing incentives for referrals, you can encourage customers to spread the word about your business and generate more leads, conversions, and revenue.

With referral marketing, you get the chance to tap into new markets while expanding reach in existing ones—all without spending a lot of time or money on traditional advertising methods.

52. Referral Contests or Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are powerful footholds for a successful referral marketing strategy. They can increase engagement and brand recognition – and most importantly get more customers on board through referrals.

It is an interactive way to motivate existing customers to refer their peers so your business can expand its reach. Thus, contests and giveaways make up for excellent content in any referral marketing campaign.

53. Referral Discounts or Coupon Codes

Referral discounts and coupon codes are a fantastic way to drive content through referral marketing programs. Not only do they encourage customers to refer more friends, but they also give users the chance to benefit from exclusive offers while sharing great content with their friends.

54. Referral Leaderboards for Customers

Referral Leaderboards are an effective way to reward customers for promoting your products or services.

By providing recognition and rewards for top referrers, you can motivate customers to help spread the word about your brand. Not only does it incentivize active promotion but also encourages friendly competition which adds a fun twist to your referral marketing efforts.

55. Personalized Referral Links or Codes

Revitalize your customer engagement and draw in more customers with personalized referral marketing links or codes.

These unique identifiers not only provide an incentive for existing patrons to do their research and promote the product, but they also help amplify brand visibility while generating a copious amount of positive advertising through word-of-mouth.

56. Referral-based Loyalty Programs

Referral-based loyalty programs are a great way to organically generate positive reviews and increase customer loyalty.

These programs provide incentives that encourage customers to recommend your products or services to their friends and family, which amplifies your visibility in the marketplace while also creating goodwill with your existing customers.

Ultimately, referral-based loyalty programs offer win-win benefits for both companies and customers alike.

57. Referral Guides or Ebooks

Referral guides and ebooks offer how-to content that provides users with the knowledge and understanding they need to be successful when it comes to referral marketing. Such materials provide users with a comprehensive overview of how referrals work, what they should do to get the most out of them, and how those references can drive more sales or traffic.

Having access to such material makes referrals a much easier venture and increases the chances of success for those who use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

People raising their hands to ask questions

What Kind of Content Should I Make?

The type of content you should make depends on your target audience and the goals you have.

Crafting content that will resonate with your target audience requires understanding their needs, interests, and preferences. To reach them in different ways, consider blending a mix of blog posts, infographics, videos, social media posts, and e-books. Moreover, make sure to keep in mind the purpose of your content. For instance, if your goal is to generate leads then produce content that educates and persuades; if you want to increase brand awareness then craft content that entertains.

What Are The Most Popular Types of Content?

Some of the most popular types of content right now include social media posts, blog posts, infographics, videos, and e-books.

Social media content is particularly popular because it can reach a wide audience with minimal effort and no cost. Blogs are also powerful content tools that can create engagement by showcasing your expertise in a particular subject matter. Infographics provide an engaging way to quickly share facts and figures while videos offer a highly visual format for conveying information. Finally, e-books provide comprehensive coverage of certain topics which makes them great resources for readers who want to dive deeper into specific subjects.

Why Is Good Content Important?

Good content is essential in today’s competitive digital landscape as it helps to boost overall brand visibility, attract target customers, and build trust with existing customers.

High-quality content can help drive more traffic to your website, build relationships with customers, and increase conversions. Additionally, good content helps you to stay ahead of the competition by being able to provide targeted and helpful content that meets your audience’s needs. Ultimately, good content will help you grow your business and reach higher levels of success.

Wrapping Up

If you’re like most content creators, you understand the importance of staying ahead of trends and being relevant to your audience. That’s why I wanted to provide a comprehensive list of inspirational content ideas for 2023 that covers a variety of marketing topics. From email marketing to video marketing and everything in between, I hope this helped give you some direction for your future content planning.

Did this article give you the inspiration you were looking for? If so, great!
Happy content production!